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Tattoo Idea Empty Tattoo Idea

Post by THREE on Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:14 am

Ok, so me and my friend got into an agreement so to speak, and I thought I might as well ask WoB what they think. I was at work the other day, and my friend gave me an Idea for a tattoo. Its my last name going down my side. But we had two totally different views of how it was to be done. My last name is 4 letters, and I wanted the text to be Old English. I thought it would be better to have it horizontal. Like, the letters on a line when your reading. My friend thought it would be better to have the letters going vertical.


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Tattoo Idea Empty Re: Tattoo Idea

Post by Setoku on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:13 pm

I dunno, Old English text on your side usually looks better vertical, but it could work horizontal considering it's only four letters.... Considering the only tattoo I have is my first name, which is four letters, going horizontal across my arm, then you should do your last name horizontal on your side ~ ^^; Either way, it'll look good :O
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