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Activity Points for Dummies Empty Activity Points for Dummies

Post by Erikai on Sat May 08, 2010 11:58 pm

What are Activity Points?

Activity Points ( or AP as some users like to call them) are gained them by interacting with other users (being active) and used for training activities.

Why do I only have _____ AP?

The number of your AP reflects how active you are, however, you are only allowed to hold two times your level in AP. (Ex. A level 6 user can hold 12 Activity Points at one time. A level 14 user can hold 28 AP at one time.)

Basic Ways to gain AP

Posting in Shinigami or Hollow Social: 1 AP
Posting in Kyoto City (Mixed Social): 1 AP if in you use Central HQ / 2AP if in Kyoto

Staying in Kyoto City: 3 AP (60 seconds)
Spar with Players of the same race: 3AP Win - 1AP Lose
Fighting Players of a Different Race: 5AP Win - 2AP Lose

What are some of the most effective ways to gain AP?

1.) Hold a conversation with other members in the social. Basic conversation skills are all that is needed to start rolling in AP.

Basic convosation skills include, but are not limited to:
~ "Hello"
~ "How are you?"
~ "How many AP does everyone have?"
~ "Anyone care to chat?"
~ "So how is everyone feeling?"
~ "Good-Bye, see you later."

2.) Ask people in the Social for a spar (don't pick fights) or send random spar request, someone is bound to accept.

3.) If you are of Rank 3 (or above) go to Kyoto to sit/post and/or fight the opposing race.

4.) Stronger players can help the weaker players by organizing AP Gaining Trips to the Kyoto City (Mixed) Social.
Stronger players will fight off anyone of the other race and allow their weaker comrades to come and hold conversations in the other Social.

5.) Talk to people in Kyoto with the Central HQ:

6.) Buy Strong or Overwhelming Aura from the Premium Shop:
Strong Aura

* All benefits of Weak Aura
* 10%
regen boost
* 1 AP per minute passive gain


* All benefits of Weak Aura
* 20% regen boost
* 2 AP per minute passive gain
* Extra move equip

No one is online to talk to in the Social in my Time Zone, what do I do?

1.) Try the Kyoto Social form the Central HQ:

2.) Battle Spam: You're gaining way more with battle spamming than with Timed Trainings anyhow.

3.) Organize a Time for you and other players to come online, chat, and train. It's better and easyer when people are having fun and talking.

4.) Have a "meaning full" convo with your self, but don't take up the entire social.

How do I avoid Spamming/Social Ban?

1.) Don't make back to back, to back to back, to back to back post. If you're filling up more than half of the social with post that mean nothing, it's mostly considered spam. You could be pushing down post that some people need and/or want to see.

2.) Don't make post like "lol I need AP" more then once or "AP Post 1", "AP Post 2" ect. ect. This is posting for purely for AP and will not be allowed. If you only need 1 AP, it is highly recamended that you say something worth while, like "Hello." or "What is everyone up to?" Even if you don't post anything after that, you wont look like an anti-social jerk who can't find a single thing to say to other people.

Do I have to talk to users to gain AP?

No. You can Spar or fight people to gain AP as well. However, talking with friends can pass the time by while you're training, be easyer, and you can gain a lot of AP if you're a natural Chatter Box.

If anyone else would like to add anything else to the Dummy Guide, please PM Erikai.

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