Rank-Up System

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Rank-Up System

Post by Azula on Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:07 pm

To rank up to Squad Member from Academy Student, you need 50 RP posts.
To rank up from Devouring Beast/Squad Member to Gillian/Senior Squad Member, you must have 100 RP posts.
To rank up from Gillian/Senior Squad Member to Adjuchas/Officer, you must have 200 RP posts
To rank up from Adjuchas/Officer to Vasto Lorde/Elite Shinigami, you must have 350 RP posts
To rank up from Vasto Lorde/Elite Shinigami to Arrancar/Veteran Shinigami, you must have 500 RP posts

To become a 3rd Seat/Head Fraccion, Lieutenant/Fraccion Commander, or CaptainEspada, you will either be offered the position by an RP moderator or, for Captain/Espada, there will be a test to pass; we'll ask you to give an example of your character in an RP situation as a Captain/Espada with a decently mastered Bankai/Ressureccion(Ressureccion Segunda Etapa for Espada 4 and higher.)

Good luck to all, and have fun RPing~

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