Vivian, Vigilante of Valor

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Vivian, Vigilante of Valor

Post by Invizzion on Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:56 pm

Name: Vivian Sauvage aka Vizzy
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Senior Squad Member
Squad: Former Squad 6
Age: 208
Weapon: A cracked katana with a yellow handle
Second Release: (If Shinigami or Hollow or Bount.)

Short Description of Character.

Personality: The true definition of a deadly vixen. Her innocent looks provide an extreme contrast to her sadistic nature. Paired with a logical mind, she presents a threat to anyone that has the misfortune of crossing her. Her cold and seemingly uninterested demeanor are off-putting and create both a disdainful impression and even implant fear. In all actuality she prefers people to keep a distance which allows her to fall into her introverted ways. Her solace uninterrupted for fear of her ruthless persecution. Her squad members well aware of the consequences that come with annoying her. And although her cool is never lost, her patience is notably thin.
Dealing with people is her problem. When on her own she is rather and serene and peace loving. But it's almost as if she has a switch she can turn on and off to deal with her current situation and will never react in a non-confrontational manner as long as others are involved.

Her hair, bleach blonde, falls below her shoulders but is generally tied up in the back leaving the front to hang naturally. The deep blue hue of her eyes is mesmerizing and both calm as well as fiery. Her lithe frame makes her appear small and frail, fitting tools for someone so deceptive. along her jawbone, where the jaw and throat connect is a long scar stretching from mid-cheek up to the ear. A reminder of her reckless habits.

She has long since shed her traditional shinigami attire choosing clothes more reminiscent of her human life. A....."formal" suit and tie. Black on black pin stripes with a teal tie being her most common. Red goes just as well. That being said she choosing to keep her zanpakuto in hand whenever possible. To be ready for any situation, unless that situation calls for stealth. In that case expect a trenchcoat or two.

Her life pre-adulthood is unworthy of mention and simply consist of the development of her strengths, weaknesses, habits, and tendencies. The only thing worth mentioning at this point would be her lineage, both parents being French immigrants even though she was born in the United States. Moving along we get to the beginning of her distinguished carer with the FBI in its earlier years. Her espionage skills shadowed only by her interrogative prowess. Her methods fabled and talked about among secret agencies across the world. Some say that she developed a "sixth sense" if you will, knowing exactly what she had to do to make a person break and could tell from one look how long they could last. Nevertheless her demise came earlier than anticipated. The cause was not work related as one might expect from the amount of enemies accrued over her lifetime. Her end came from an inexplicable but massive pileup, the cause of the accident remains unknown to this day. But the conclusion of this lifetime would turn out to simply be the rebirth of another.

What she assumed to be the end transformed into distant memories eventually fading with any remnants of her past life. Drifting among the living without even a glimmer of recognition she came to the realization of her situation rather quickly. As did the exodus from the realm she had known only in her previoous life. For reason she didnt know she was greeted by beings that she knew were not natural and yet seemed almost as if they were the only things that made sense. A pair of shinigami introduced her to the Soul Society where she put her innate abilities to work in the academy. And although she wasn't a spectacular all-around prodigy, she was a specialist unrivaled in her class. Her weaponry knowledge and manueverability proving to be great assest in combat and her mental state even more deadly than her blade. Naturally with her skill set, Vizzy was assigned to division 6 Internal Affairs. Even early in her squad 6 days she made it clear things were going to be her way, willingly or unwillingly were the only options.
Quickly she became the talk of the Gotei 13, generally never anything good. Her physical prowess could only take her so far. The way she bulldozed her way, headfirst though the ranks was frowned upon by her higher ups and couldn't be overlooked. Upon reaching the third seat things really kicked into gear. One event inspired Vizzy and filled her with awe, respect, and rebellion in one. Ryuunosuke, an elite captain at the time, made a statement by systematicallydemolishing wave after wave of foolish shinigami hoping to play hero. Although she did not partake in the "festivities", Vizzy was stirred into action. Shortly after this incident she came to the Captain Commander with aspirations of becoming a captain. Upon deliberation it was agreed that she would get a shot if at least 3 captains agreed to oversee the process. Unfortunately the bias and bribery of a handful of captains was enough to push away the thought, the notion was rejected through corruption. These captains sacrificing the protection of the Seiritei for their arrogant ways and personal agendas.

As outlandish as it was, a 3rd seat asking for a captain position, she understood that like all organizations the Gotei was unlawful and in the end could only hurt more than it helped. She also understood that change couldn't be brought on from the position she currently held. Only one option remained. Spreading the word through her barracks beforehand, Vizzy called the Taicho out on his cowardice and inability to lead. The Taicho of squad 6 being one of the corrupt leaders infesting the Gotei, with his pride on the line he reluctantly accept the fight fearing the embarrassment if he declined. In the end it was his downfall, at the end of a bloody and emotion driven fight Vizzy stood, barely coherent or conscious. Although defeated she felt she had done enough to prove she was more than capable. Even though most captains found her methods disagreeable, they couldnt help but admire the spectacle put on by this battle, nor could they help but respect the power that this young girl had. Nor could they deny the legacy she was beginning to forge.

She stood as a symbol of rebellion for a cause greater than herself. That kind of threat could not be left unchecked. Those corrupt leaders, fearful that their position and power could be jeopardized, schemed to put an end to that as quickly as possible. She had the potential to become a martyr, to spark the flames resting within her colleagues. Naturally these leaders spread word of her unspeakable treasonous acts. Turning her into a traitor in the eyes of her peers. To the point Vivian had to flee, lest she face persecution from some "valiant" shinigami wanting to put an end to her. Now she wanders Kyoto and the outskirts of the soul society as a vigilante, fighting for her Naive notion of justice. One that only she seems to understand. All the while waiting for her moment to enlighten all who doubt her. Unknowingly doing so for the sake of revenge.

Move names and Description:

Call out - Rain and return! Etoile Brulant

Ability - Safe to the touch of the user, but deadly to anyone else that comes into contact. This shikai is imbued with the properties of the stars. Her sealed Zanpakuto turns into a glowing star shaped weapon with serrated edges. A handle forms in the middle and when thrown the zanpakuto reacts like a boomerang. When Etoile Brulant comes into contact with any material not possessed by the user, it will inflict a low intesnity burn that will gradually burn hotter through the course of battle if not treated.


├ętoile filante - Reiatsu is transferred to the zanpakuto and then thrown high into the air directly over the opponent. It then seems like the zanpakuto has shattered and brightly burning fragments fall at a high velocity towards the opponent, these fragments are the bits of "burning" reiatsu. The zanpakuto can still be used as a follow up attack with this move.


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Re: Vivian, Vigilante of Valor

Post by Azula on Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:05 am

Accepted...although keep in mind, while your background story is excellent and well-written, you make your character out as a 3rd seat at Senior Squad Member rank who beat a Captain, which we can't allow during the actual RP. Have fun RPing though, and I look forward to watching ya get stronger in the RP, "ranking" up and even RPing with you, if I get the chance.
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