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Warehouse #52 Empty Warehouse #52

Post by Setoku on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:49 pm

The air slowly begun to calm, as the wind around the area died down. It was a peaceful day, in actuality. A good week, perhaps, as a whole. On the ceiling of the massive warehouse, a steel roof door slowly cracked open, if only slightly, exposing only the hints of someone underneath. At a glance, all one would make out was a black kimono, with a strange white cloth loosely tied around what had to be the man's waist. Eshilieth licked her lips slowly, before she dropped down onto the roof from parts unknown.

"How have you been, young ex-captain?"

The girl spoke by way of greeting - Her innocent demeanor and calm attitude at totals odds with her tragic blood red irises. She took only a couple of steps, before dropping to a single knee by the crack in the door. The person inside seem to stiffen slightly, as a single eyes became visible through the crack.

"As always, Mistress Eshilieth, fine. Did you wish an update?"

Eshilieth smiled, placing a single hand on the door, and leaning her head softly against it. A single finger tapping lightly on the steel.

"Yes, and with an order."

"Oh...? I thought you had no need of us until the Quincy were dealt with, Mistress. Or at least Youkai and my Sister. Whom, by the way, have both made contact with the Hollow Princess."

Eshilieth closed her eyes slowly, allowing the hint of a smile to touch her lips. Momma was finally going to die. Then the time would finally come.

"Also... Setoku has claimed Lordship of Hueco Mundo."

Eshilieth's eyes slowly opened, and the smile begun to become a frown. Why not Stray....? Well, the details weren't important, perhaps not just yet. She took a breath, before looking to the crack in the door.

"Listen well, Ex-Shinigami. There is one traveling around, a young Shinigami. You will not interfere with her investigations. She is well aware of our existence, but not... your own. Do you understand.... Shi---"

"That is not my name. Kurome. Not.... Shinta."

Eshilieth smiled at this, seems Ivy's betrayal when he was a mortal still stuck with him; that was good.

"Very well.... Kurome-kun. I assume you understand. But be aware, the Shinigami with the pink eye sight, she will be mine to deal with, if she is to become... a Problem."

"As you wish, Mistress. We will lay in wait... until the Quincy are gone, then."

With a loud creak, the steel door closed all of the way, leaving Eshilieth alone with her thoughts. Yes... Kurome was but of one of an entire army.... the army that would be needed to Destroy Soul Society in the end.

"Isn't that right.... Setoku-kun?"

The girl turned her head to the side, gazing off into the distance, in the direction of suburbs. He was here, now. She could feel it - Yet she wouldn't intervene. Instead, she reached down into her shirt, and pulled out a chocolate candy bar from what had to be her bra - Slowly pulling the wrapper open, she smiled, before taking a single a bite.
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