new buffs and nerfs.

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new buffs and nerfs.

Post by CYRO on Thu May 05, 2016 11:03 am

So I wanted to post this for LSM and the Players of wob to pick at and see if they agree with me about it.

I am very glad that Lsm is putting a lot more effort into world of bleach and i am eager to see the changes that he is planning on coming up with but i do have problem on the way is gathering his input.

I tried setting up a meeting to help him out with gather what people thought (power went out and i never tried to reschedule it shame on really get a paddle..) I often seem him in chat getting ideas on changes and while i think this is a good thing it is very narrow minded since you do not get all the parties that are involved in the change there to voice there ideas. this can be shown with his agreement that Balance defense users need a buff and his attempt was to change reflect in a way i agree with but a player said it was to weak and he would rather have a shorter higher reflect amount. at the time I agree that reflect needed to be higher but not for the shorter turns since the reflect does not even stay long enough for you to even reflect anything that matters. They boost weakness ect and there combo is not even affected by it really and that is vs the one build it would help with since immolate blows right through it.(btw most people use Cr and immolate...)(fyi i would rather have a weaker long term reflect that i don't have to reapply every other turn! then the move i honestly want a full refund for since it is perfectly useless to me since a recoils does more damage then it will do.)

What my main point is that a simple poll or debate here in the forums for a skim can change your view on everything.

Something must be done to help defense users in the game since there only real viable strategy is to pool out the other player until they take more damage or cant fight back and now with some of the new moves that have been added to the armory has made that next to impossible.every time i have seen something that would make a defense spec viable it is changed to the point it is practically worthless after a single update. WE NEED SOMETHING  TO HELP US! I don't want to play the game curling up into a ball to pool them out! and now with new changes its hard to even do that!

I am not asking you to do much of the work but if you have an update in mind place it in the forums let us pick at it and share our views. Let us help you by simply making topics for us to discuss and advertise it.(and correct us if we are wrong on how something works. It can be as simple as. I am gonna change reflect Add link to fourm.)

in forum it can be simply people have suggest higher reflect for less turns what do you think.


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