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Post by CYRO on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:32 pm

Here are things I don’t understand (balance wise) in relation to defensive users. I admit this might change with the update.

Reflect currently is too easy counter, since Pen takes most of the damage and almost doubles damage to the defender (without an increase to themselves).
The problem? It’s too ‘meta’ and probably still be after the nerfs to Pen have been updated.
Why is one of defensive users only ways to deal damage so easy to counter?
Weaknesses, Residuals, AoEs & Binds all make it easy to counter and with current weak AoE amounts that defensive users can muster; Weakness destroys AoEs.
When can I use Reflect and have it deal damage? There sp low on life (sad to say but this is meant to make that happen but don’t) and you have perfectly timed there CD - (only works on very few select players or slash they are insanely low on pools) and they do not have pen since if they do they can deal 8k damage while only taking 1.5k damage in return.

KB. This is meant to be a way for us to get breathing room and do damage. Down side of this is, there is not one armory move that I would even consider using!
Not one will get the opponent out of reach, so the KB part of the move is useless!
As for damage 30% max that is affected by DR. Yeah, so far I am not convinced this is a move is a move that I can use for reliable damage, since it has a 10 turn CD on it.
There recoils that deal 8k normally don’t even need a wall and that is if they don’t apply a weakness which btw there is not a way to stop currently or make it somewhat counterable for a defensive user unless we stall with a barrier.
All of it summed up? It’s not reliable damage, yet it’s considered a damage move and spec has no effect on it.

The thing with all this? My defense stats have no effect on the damage I deal in the game. But there are insane counters to just my spec!
This is unreasonable to me. There is not a nerf that drops offense users attack down by a flat percentage is there?

Pen is needed in the game but it needs a counter that won’t cost me 80 dollars. There is not a single counter to Pen to date since nerf only affects a number and not percent.

Damage Resistance is very weak. Why? Pen and CR.
It was alright when it was just Weakness, since you knew in advance that they were going to hit you hard and could apply a Reflect and get a decent return, or they could also Bind you and AoE you.
DR armory moves need some sort of buff in the game.
Could they be unaffected by Pen or last longer, to make it reasonable to even equip the move?
Heal Reduction... Straight eats us alive. I’ve seen like 6k damage with it and I can’t Heal for how many turns while it’s active, if I do I see pitiful Heal amounts.
Why does this move hit like a normal move (almost) but has such a brutal effect? And for so long?
If the Heal Reduction was for a shorter time, I would say it’s fine, but it’s not.

CR. I understand this move and agree with it (for now). It’s about where it needs to be but it counters too much to defensive users.
Moves like Reflect and DR will put a defensive user in a mad panic. I would say it would be alright if you hit me with a CR while I had DR equipped, and the damage stayed low after the DR wears off but instead it will spike - drastically - and this would still be fair since pen still lowers DR drastically.

Low pool weakness increases this problem to a defensive user since a Melee user does not suffer a nerf to his main stat, while we do.
Most people do not understand that if you get stalled out, it only makes it so that much harder for a defensive user, as they can only deal a moderate amount of damage and his main stat is the one that takes a hit.
While as an offense user your main stat is not affected at all. I know this is to help speed up battles but, well it hurts us at an uneven amount.

Over all? A defensive can fight back a little bit, but our damage does not reliably exist. Almost all of our moves keeps up in range for returns that far outweigh anything we can truly dish out and keeps us just taking hits. In general my damage is so low that a single Heal is all u need to out sustain my damage unless you perfectly line up with a rock while Weaknesses is in effect.

Nerf... Why does this not affect % like Pen? If it did it would be the counter for Pen, however I must try and stack two Nerfs to make it even close to the same.
A core and move that only last 3 turns at most. (Pen is permanent and unlike Nerf does not need to be applied after a hit!)

Never, ever tell me this is a defensive user’s damage move. 2.6 k for almost 1k back to me is just a flat out joke.
I honestly love you for make this game but every time I hear this response for damage... I honestly see red.
So I would prefer there to be not a single reply to it since this move I am lucky to break 6k with a Weakness/Boost applied.
Theirs will more than double that and once again Pen... Well, makes it undefendable once again without Barriers (that you are nerfing and even then i still take damage from them).

What I would like to see in the game is a long hard look at all the defensive move mechanics and for you to see how reliable they really are.
Give defensive users a way to deal reliable damage in a fight - not one hit K.O - but a way that is affected by the user and not the chance the enemy does this.

Suggestions? (Besides what is stated above?)

Change CD to moves, based on a player’s spec.
Change how moves work based on spec, so that maybe an offense user’s Boost is higher than a defensive spec but defensive spec’s Nerf might be higher. (Moves for specs only?)
Overall? Give us ways not to just stall a fight! Make it viable that I can hurt you to some reasonable extent, which doesn’t rely on unreliable moves and is not completely countered.
I should be able to take several more hits than an agro users but vs a defensive user they take less than we do - even vs berserk players.

Barrier CD increase (Global Barrier CD?) Needed but right now. Defensive users are going to be punished badly with it.

Overall, just a stat boost won’t fix the problems that defensive users face.
How to change them? I do not know really what will balance them out.
As long as there are core boosts out there that counter the main stat of a defensive spec with so little negative return, defensive users will always have an unfair advantage held over them.

Over all the ratio of resistance a defensive user has does not compare to an aggressive user, when moves are added to counter it. Then give them skill that that are so easily countered or just plain ineffective and telling them they are balanced, does not cut it.
I would rather hear you don’t have clue on how to fix it, over being told said move or idea is the way to deal with it, (when it is not) to anyone with any sort of battle experience.
I understand you don't want to make it so stalling is the way to go and you are working to end it. Good for you and the game as a whole. But for us that must wait for weeks or months for fixes (just so we can compete) is what will causes us to leave the game (or change specs).
Being told that we are wrong on this is the last thing we should hear. The answer is simple to me.
My ratio for damage to an aggressive user is 2.6k - 8k. I can’t be told that the game is balanced for defensive users, when it is so easy to get around any method we have for defensive or offense.


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