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Post by Apocalypse on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:44 am

Note: If after my account is deleted. This will be my only post available to be viewed by all players. Much love <3 Hichi/Apocalypse

Apocalypse's Guides

Note: Some information can be updated in the videos because obviously it would be too much of a hassle to change every single detail, but I will try to update my guides and add more to it! Smile

Introduction To The Game

Video Introduction

Text Introduction

World Of Bleach is a Text-Based RPG based on the anime/manga Bleach. You embark on a journey and choose your path in either becoming a mighty shinigami or a vicious hollow. You can experience a fantastic game as you fight to become the strongest. Socialize with your friends and spar them using a very strategic combat system. Role-play with buddies and defeat your enemies! This game is perfect if you love to role-play, socialize, and fight!

Beginner Guide

Note: You rank up at Level 5, the video was made before the admins changed it from Level 6 to 5.

Video Guide

Text Guide

1. Purchase A Baseball Bat In Central Park
2. Equip It In One Of Your Equipment Slots
3. Click 'Train', and Select A Skill That You Wish To Train
4. As You Wait For The Training Timer To Go Back To 0:00, Go To The Karate Dojo. Once You Are There Click On Sparring Matches, and Choose Easy. You Will Either Fight A Training Dummy Or A Novice Karate Student, Make Sure You Use Your Baseball Bat For More Damage.
5. Once The Training Timer Has Reached 0:00, Repeat Step 3 and 4
6. Keep Following The Steps Until You Have Reached Level 5, At Level 6 You Will Choose Your Path. Will You Become A Shinigami, or A Hollow?
(If you want to seek out more information please contact Apocalypse or any other moderator, or experienced player!)

AP/Yen/Souls Guide

Video Guide

Text Guide

Activity Points are given when you are being active, hence the name 'Activity Points'. You can get these Activity Points through posting in the Social, Sparring with another player, being active in Kyoto City, or trading yen/souls for AP.

What Do I Do With Activity Points?

Activity Points can be exchanged for souls/yen on your profile. The maximum capacity of how much Activity Points you can have is approximately double your level. Activity Points can also be used to enhance your training, making it 'Advanced Training'.

What are Yen/Souls?

Yen/Souls is the currency used in the game. Yen/Souls can be obtained through various ways. Fighting AIs', Sparring Players, Devouring Hollows, or from exchanging Activity Points(AP) for Yen/Souls. Yen/Souls can be used to buy a variety of things that could help you. Some of these are, Melee/Spirit Abilities, Items, and Healings/Regenerations. Yen/Souls can also be given away by the head of a squad or fraccion.

Places You Can Spend, Give or Exchange Yen/Souls

- Shinigami Armory/Evolution (Spirit/Melee Abilities and Items)
- Medical Store/Regeneration (Healings/Regeneration)
- Squad HQ/Fraccion HQ (Giving Yen/Souls Away To Other Players Of your Race)
- Profile (Exchanging Yen/Souls for AP or Exchanging AP for Yen/Souls)

Zanpakuto Demo Guide

Video Guide

Text Guide

Zanpakutos is a shinigami and a hollow's main offense once they reach Arranacar or Ranking Officer. Zanpakutos can be gained once you rank up to Arranacar or Ranking Officer. You roll for a zanpakuto, and you will always get one. Zanpakutos will give you a variety of boosts depending on what Zanpakuto Rank you have. In order to use your Zanpakuto in PvP, you need to release it. Releasing it will cost you an amount of stamina/spirit energy per a round. There is an option to seal it again to preserve your stamina/spirit energy.
Zanpakuto Ranks

Once you rank up to arranacar or ranking officer, you will be able to roll for a zanpakuto. Depending on your luck you will get one of these five ranks. Legendary being the best, and Lesser being the worst.

* Legendary
* Elite
* Greater
* Common
* Lesser

Inner World/Soul Chamber

You can access your Inner World/Soul Chamber by going to your profile. Once you are there, you can see information about your zanpakuto. Some of the information given could be: Boosts, Effects, Abilities, Type, Theme, and Name. While your at your Inner World/Soul Chamber, you can unlock abilities of your zanpakuto. Once unlocking an ability of your zanpakuto - you can see what the ability does in your Inner World/Soul Chamber.
Zanpakuto Abilities

Zanpakuto Abilities can be gained by going to your Inner World/Soul Chamber. Zanpakuto Abilities have a variety effects, some of them are: Healing, AoE, Residual, Recoil, Moving. Zanpakuto Abilities can only be used in PvP when you release your zanpakuto. Once releasing your zanpakuto you will lose an amount of stamina/spirit energy per a round. If you seal your zanpakuto, your abilities will disappear until you release it again.


Players may re-roll for a zanpakuto or ressurecion for the cost of spirit shards. You can purchase spirit shards by clicking on 'Premium' on the menu.

Costs For Re-Roll

Note: You will either get the higher ranked or the lower ranked of the zanpakuto/ressurecion. Re-rolling for a Elite/Legendary will give you a higher chance of getting an Elite and the chances of getting Legendary are slim. Also note that you can't roll the same zanpakuto/ressurecion twice in a row but you can get the same ressurecion after rolling a different one first.

Example: If I purchase a re-roll for Lesser/Common then I will get either Lesser or Common. I will not get the same Lesser or Common Zanpakuto/Ressurecion twice in a row but I can get the same one I had originally after getting a different ressurecion/zanpakuto.

Lesser/Common - 20 Spirit Shards
Greater/Elite - 40 Spirit Shards
Elite/Legendary - 60 Spirit Shards


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thanks for make this guide

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