The Uprising chapter 1

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The Uprising chapter 1

Post by Rulis on Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:10 am

“Life is never easy no matter what role you are born into or what you become; hate, love, anguish, pain, etc. Those feelings are felt by everyone everywhere or at least I’d like to think they are, so that I wouldn’t have to feel so much pity for those that fell before the hands of the officials time and time again?” Rulis casually blurted out.

“How would that put anything into perspective? It’s pretty obvious all humans go through some sort of issues in their lives but it is the severity of those events that makes one pitiable or not.” Answered James.
Rulis paused for a second considered that for a second but then he shook his head from side to side. “It’s not the severity but maybe perhaps the ability of someone to overcome those pains that makes one pitiable or nit. If you can overcome it then you set an example if you fall before the turmoil and surrender then they are worthy of pity.”

“You guys philosophize too much!” Rulis and James looked up to see a dark figure making its way over the cracked concrete full of upswept debris of the building that used to stand where they now were standing. Rulis and James both reached for their swords, their hands gripping the hilt of their swords.

The figure kept on approaching and stopped a few feet short of where they were standing. “Don’t, there is no need for violence I am an official of the law. Behave yourselves and take your hands off of those weapons. I have come to arrest you two on accounts of murdering an officer a few weeks ago. Stand down I am the chief of police, you do not want to fight against me.”

Rulis grimaced then drew out his sword “That pig deserved it, we finally tracked him down, he was at the scene of the murder of my family and refused to give out answers as to who the culprit was!” James drew out his, his face showed a leer fit to be worn by to be worn by the devil himself. “If you try to stop us you will join him in the afterlife. Let us go, it was a justified killing."

The officer smirked a bit and proceeded “So what, he as well as I are officers of the government established by our lord Xayder he gave rise to this land in which we live now, he gave us the power to do as we pleased as long as we made it so that he would remain in power. We are the law anything we do is justified and anyone who dares defy us will die. I Chief of the police Reploid Zero will not obey pesky little rodents like yourself as law incarnate what I say goes, I decide what is justified and what is not and that murder that you committed was not therefore I have just sentenced both of you to receive death as your punishment here and now.” He took a few steps forwards, took his gun out of his belt and aimed it up to where Rulis and James stood.

Rulis became agitated, he knew that a fight was inevitable but before he could step to face the officer James placed one hand on across his chest. “Let me deal with this guy. Let me do this for you, you were the one who saved me from sure death and helped me join the Assembly of Fighters. I owe this to you plus I can take him.

James jumped down took his swords in both hands and raced forwards to strike with all his might, as soon as he was close he swung his sword sideways. He missed, Reploid twisted his body sideways easily to avoid the sword. “You’ve gotta be kidding I’ve trained my body for years, as a master of Kempo my speed is too high you will never even nick me with that sword of yours. A sword is heavy is it not? It will slow you down making it easy for me to kill you. He fired three shots from his gun straight at James but he twisted his sword in a circular motion to deflect the bullet. James smiled prepared a battle stance and shouted “Heat strike!” His sword shine a bright red color, then he swung it again this time fiery flames flew towards Reploid in quick succession in what could only be described as a slash.

Reploid felt incredible pain, the attack had missed his main organs but has scorched and lacerated his upper chest. He looked up at James and muttered “You freak, I knew it guys are part of the rebellious bastards who have been trying to assassinate Xyader recently. Well… There’s no need to hold back anymore.” He threw away his gun and took out 2 gloves bright purple. The gloves each had a 7 inch blade protruding from them. “This is the weapon I like to use to kill you freaks; my kenpo will allow me to cut you to pieces with these before you can blink”

James didn’t think anything of it, he simply jumped up, swung his arms up, and brought his sword down aiming at Reploid’s head. He expected the blade to cut through Reploid and be done with it but with one hand Reploid stopped James attack. “These specially made blades are lightweight and amongst the finest in this world you won’t be able to defeat me even with your powers!” Screeched Reploid.

James who had been stopped in midair fell back to the ground then before Rulis could move to help James Reploid used his blades to pierce James arms. He began bleeding profusely. Reploid laughed wildly and said “How are you fight now, I have taken your arms give up and accept death.!” Suddenly he felt himself run out of air. He felt a strike and looked down. Even though he had both of his blades running in and out James flesh he had used his legs to continuously kick him in the stomach. Reploid then took his bladed gloves and made a forward motion making them slice all the way to James shoulders. Way more blood was pouring out now and James breathing had become shallow. Then Reploid took his gloves off and began strangling James.

At that point Rulis began running to where James was being killed, but James while still being choked mustered. No, do not interfere, I tried to prove myself to you… but I have. .. failed, Leave me here to die. His eyes glazed over, his breathing stopped and his body went cold.

Reploid let James body fall to the ground and laughed maniacally in short bursts, put his gloves back on, and turned to face Rulis. “You’re ne-“ He then felt a warm sensation in his stomach looked down once again and saw blood falling down his left pictorial, Rulis had pierced his lung.

Rulis was entranced in a rage so obscure; he could not control his body anymore. He had stabbed Reploid in the chest out of pure anger but after Reploid body’s fell over Rulis bent down and continued stabbing him over and over for what seemed like years until there came a point where blood no longer seeped from his body. At that point Rulis fell back from exhaustion, closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

When he awoke he was laying on a bed. He looked around and was amazed to find out he was in his room, he opened the door to his room and walked out. He was now in the hotel where the AF kept their headquarters and ran towards the doors to leave when suddenly Alce called out his name across the room.

Rulis looked back and ran forwards towards him. “You were brought here by Ulquiorra4 in a pretty severe condition do not leave as of yet. Ulq filled me as to what happened. He saw the events of what happened through a hidden camera and managed to destroy the film before it was sent to the other officials. He reported back and told them that the captain had just vanished. If it wasn’t for that you might’ve been found out and killed.”
Rulis looked up at Alce and asked “Has everyone here been briefed as to what occurred?”
Alce considered it for a second, yes all of it except for the part in which you went berserk and stabbed the official over 200 times. If you keep losing control of yourself like that and letting anger control you your dark side will find a way out and regain control of your body once again. With your powers it could be devastating. It appears to me as if you still have a lot of training to do before you are able to control your power just yet. This is why you will go down with Tachi to train until you’ve gained control of it, because if you do not then we will have no option but to be killed before you can hinder this team in its tracks to create an uprising. You said it yourself when we created the group, any hindrances even those brought upon by our own teammates will have to dealt if we hope to deliver a better tomorrow. It was kind of a lame speech but we will follow those words. This has been agreed upon by all those in our group, if you refuse we will be forced to kill you.

Rulis stared at him for quite a while then dropped his gaze “You’re right I suppose I should start making my way down there, to Tachi, and all his manipulation of time and space are what makes it possible to create the best training fields, well will you at least let me attend James funeral?”

“No. I’m sorry but you as well as I know that the day in which we will ambush the capitol is coming and we cannot afford to have you slack off."

Rulis looked away as tears started streaming down his eyes and began making his way tp where Tachi was, he felt no resentment towards anyone else but himself, the time for him to act was coming and he knew he had to shape up one way or another. He was going to do it for his family, his friends and now for James.

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