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Post by Azula on Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:57 pm

Yes, rules. Lovely, lovely rules. Just follow them and you'll be fine.

If you have a problem with a specific user, PM an RP Mod.

-Cussing. This is an all-age friendly RP, so please, no cussing.

-Harassment. Yeah, don't do it.

-Trolling. A little friendly trolling in the chatbox is okay, perhaps your RP character is trollzy, but any further than that, if it becomes a problem, we'll have to step in.

-No dissing another person's creation. It is their work, not yours. You have no say in it unless it has a direct confliction with your already-made character. Same goes for stories and writing.

-No plagerism!!! Any creations that are like a carbon-copy of someone else's will be deleted on sight.

-No disrespecting the Mods. They put their time into this so that you can RP; respect that.

-Causing unnecessary commotion in the chatbox, if a moderator tells you to drop a topic/change subject and you carry on with it disciplinary actions will be taken. (Yes, this means bans from the chatbox)

-Acting disruptive towards a player

-Targeting a specific player; yes, in the course of RP there'll be fights, but if you target someone's character right from the start, swearing to destroy them before any 'tension' has been created via RPing, we RP Mods will have to step in.

-Encouraging rule breaking

-Asking after RP Mod positions. If we think you'd be alright for the job, we'd invite you to join. If we haven't, we either don't need the help at the present time or you aren't qualified to help. So please, don't ask.

These rules are subject to change.
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