Patrol and Arena system overhaul plus shard exchange addition

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Patrol and Arena system overhaul plus shard exchange addition

Post by Kyoto on Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:16 am

First off I'll talk about my suggested changes for the patrol systems. Personally, I've found that things are a little too simple and at times boring due to the repetitive nature of things in their current state. So what I propose is completely changing the way the patrol system works. Instead of just clicking a couple buttons of every few minutes, when you open the patrol menu it will instead give you prompt to accept a new "patrol mission." In these missions you will be giving a "randomly" generated set of coords in Kyoto that you must travel to. Once there, you'll find an NPC battle. You will have to fight this NPC to complete the mission thus earning your rewards. A few other points I will briefly touch on here, rewards for patrols should be increased as with this new system patrol mission would have a timer on them. The timer, as I see it, would be anywhere from 10-30 minutes. With this new system there would still be the chance for a lucky/uber lucky reward. Another thing here is that with a lucky/uber lucky reward there would be a shard reward, 1 and 2 shards respectively. While I won't get into it here, this is a proven successful marketing ploy, and I will gladly explain why should anyone feel the need to ask.

For my second suggestion, the arena (pve) system needs a serious rethinking. To put it bluntly, it's horridly bland. Yes, I understand that this is supposed to be a pvp game but that doesn't mean you can neglect every other aspect of the game and expect people to continue playing. Now, the system I propose is rather similar to the systems already in place for pvp and the survival battles in Kyoto. Basically, all pve battles (arena and the aforementioned patrol missions) would take place in a "pvp grid." There would still be the three difficulties, but now they would be a little more advanced. Easy being almost identical to the way the survival battle is now, but just one battle with one enemy. Then with normal the enemy would simply have increased skills range and general stats. Hard would have further increased stats as well as buffs and debuffs to use.

Finally, and this is just a minor change, I would love to see the ability to post buy offers for shards on the exchange. Simple, but incredibly useful.

And, after a rather long winded post, I am finished. Thanks for taking the time to read, and as always any feedback is much welcome.


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