Zanpakuto Skills Evolution

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Zanpakuto Skills Evolution Empty Zanpakuto Skills Evolution

Post by jetxtreme on Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:57 am

Hi I am just thinking, would it be good if Zankpakuto skills would be evolved into a better skill once they reach the maximum? or perhaps when a Zanpakuto Skill is maxed, another zan skill is unlocked or made available for unlocking.
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Zanpakuto Skills Evolution Empty Re: Zanpakuto Skills Evolution

Post by Coren on Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:11 pm

This is a idea that came up in mixed social except with the skills we get in
but this idea in my opinion is way better.
At level 100 there would be a rank up button or evolution.
And every time it ranks up it gets a another star,
bringing up the star ranking system on your skills.
Since there are 5 ranks in Zanpakuto's or Resurreccion's there should be 5 stars.
So Basically it gets stronger every rank up probably get a new name
or else
And like usual it would be like this
Level: 100/100 Rank Up
And at the final rank when its level 100 it unlocks its ultimate form which happens through evolution
So this would be the outline
Name:    Model | Model+ | Model++ | Model+++ | XModelX
Range:   1.4     | 1.5      |2.5         | 3.5          | 4.6
Damage: (100) | (500)    |(1000)    | (2500)     | (20000) This is ranged
Effect:    Ex.    | Ex.+     | Ex.++    | Ex.+++     | Ex. Max
Cost:      5      | 10        | 25         | 60          | 150
This is just an example of Ranking up
Evolution: Extreme model Range: 6.8 Damage: 75000 Effect: High % Cost: 500

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