Ability levels increased

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Ability levels increased Empty Ability levels increased

Post by mskod1 on Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:44 am

I was thinking of different ranks having a different cap on how high there ability levels can reach. This could then make lower ranked moves more usable in higher ranks allowing a vastly wider option of moves available.

For instance Rank 2 might have a cap rank of 20 for there abilities and a rank 8 would have 100. This would also mean an increase in pure power behind lower rank moves and adjustments to make them usable at higher ranks.

- more move choices available for higher ranks and vastly different move set availability.

- some moves have same range and effect across ranks (personally think range of moves should be different to allow more versatility)

Kind of absent minded and this idea would need reforming and thoughts I hope it makes sense what i'm trying to convey.
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