Timeline for Hishirugi Maximillion

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Timeline for Hishirugi Maximillion Empty Timeline for Hishirugi Maximillion

Post by Maximillion on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:43 pm

- October 2nd 1800 
(Born as Human)

- November 11, 1831 
(Death at Age of 31)

- November 11, 1831 
(Induction into the 48th District of Rukongai)

- May 23rd 1840 
(Failed 1st Attempt at Entrance Exam

- June 17th 1840 
(Failed 2nd Attempt at Entrance Exam)

- July 28th 1840 
(Failed 3rd Attempt at Entrance Exam)

- August 25th 1840 
(Aced Entrance Exam into the Shino Academy, placed in First Class)

- June 5th 1846 
(Graduated the Shino Academy, and was assigned to partake in missions with the 4th, 11th and 12th Squads, respectively, without being assigned a set Division.)

- Summer 1847 
(After serving as a Relief Medic, a Front-Line Soldier, and a Reconnaissance and Research Specialist in the Squads he was assigned to 'shadow' (respectively), he accepts a position in the 4th Division)

- 1857 
(after ten years as a Relief Medic for the 4th Squad, and the passing or promotion <he wasn't told which> of his former captain, a new one takes their place, sending him to the 11th Division)

- 1870 
(serves 13 years in the 11th Division, before his Captain is beaten in a duel-to-the-death, and the following Captain shunts him out of the Division, prompting the 12th Division Captain to recruit him)

- 1871 
(After a year in the 12th Division, learns the name of his Zanpakuto ("Nannari no Hime"), and unlocks it's Released form: A rosary cross bracelet that can transform into any basic one- or two-handed weapon Maximillion has previously mastered...release phrase "Pacify")

- 1873 
(after two more years in the 12th Division, Maximillion unlocks the 2nd Shikai ability of his Zanpakuto: "Nannari no Hime", where gains the ability to wield and maneuver his Zanpakuto <in whichever form> telekinetically, as well as separate it into two halves to transform them into two separate weapons/tools/etc)

- 1874-to-5 Years Ago 
<<Classified, he isn't seen around any of the Squads on Missions, etc>>

- 4 years ago 
(Reappeared as the 14th Seat of the 12th Division, just shortly before the Captain of the 12th is replaced, causing him to be placed in the 2nd Division)

- 1 Year Ago (Having served as a guard at the Maggot's Nest, as well as having done countless tours of patrolling Kyoto City, Maximillion is - without explanation - bumped up from his demoted 18th Seat, to 9th Seat of the 2nd Division), before being abruptly dismissed from the 2nd Division, and is now pending reassignment.

- Current 
Having awaited reassignment, Maximillion is notified that a meeting will be held within the next few weeks to decide his new Division and Rank. In the meantime, he is to patrol Kyoto City, while blending in using a Gigai.

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