Accepted, Rejected and Pending Suggestions - Read before suggesting

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Accepted, Rejected and Pending Suggestions - Read before suggesting

Post by Haruchi on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:14 pm

New thread to list the accepted and rejected suggestions has been made. This will be updated as suggestions come.

As of August 12th 2012, if a suggestion doesn't receive any replies within a week since it has been posted it will be considered as not necessary by the fellow users and will be locked. This doesn't mean each suggestion will be rejected after a week passes without replies. It means that if you post a new suggestion, and you don't get any feedback from regular players about it, it will be rejected automatically.

Accepted suggestions are suggestions that have been moved to Level 2 - phase. That is, for more consideration and possible implementing. They won't necessarily be implemented.

Note: Any staff member is free to move a suggestion to Level 2 suggestions if they think it's worth considering.

Accepted Suggestions:

Natural Obstacles in PvP Grid
"War/Invasion" system
Quests (eg. Defeat 100 AI)
Bounty hunting
Squad funds
Officer Duty (similar to a loyalty boost concept)
Ability to be able to view general information about other squads/fraccions
Sword Release Command
Using Struggle/move that uses your hp instead of pools as last ditch effort.
Cancelling Patrols
Member activity check
Larger avatars in battle
Ability to delete own support ticket

Rejected Suggestions:

+18 Social
Officer Points Minigame
Regen Increases
Other races
CFH / SFH - system
Clan-based system
PvP Music
MPvP -system (for now!)
Traveling spending pools
Random events when traveling
Higher Caps
Being able to "train" HP
Pet system
Fourth rank of swords
Bankai for Elites
Custom Skill Moves
Second Release requiring sword skill
Separate Battle Chat
Increasing pool cap via training
Damage View
Weekly PvP gains
Burst Training for sword moves
Feeding/Patrolling in Kyoto
Timer for returning to Kyoto
Direct link to moving to barracks
Seat Jumping
Tourney every 3 months
Horizontal move ranges
User creation of customs (custom toolbar)
Shards to yen/souls conversion

Pending Suggestions (input to these is appreciated):

Prestige New Game and New Game+ -modes (new races!) =
Playtime and Starting Date Recorded =
Range and Movement boost change =
Senpai and Kouhai Suggestion =
Passive Stat Boost for Squads =

Completed Suggestions:

Increasing the size of the PvP Grid
Limiting PvP between ranks
Random entrance point in Kyoto
Selling/forgetting moves
Clickable names in Inbox to senders' profiles
Tweaking PvP requirements
Black list
Limiting Avatar Sizes
Last login viewable to all users
Previous pages in standard social
Confirmation for boosts
Quote received PM in reply
Inbox upgrade (delete only selected PM's)
Trade system/"Auction" system
"PvP battles fought" Counter
Battle spectate
PvP Tournament
Shards for referrals
RP Social
Ability to choose "Black" as name color even with aura
Fraccion/Squad Alerts
Music in journals/profile
Flee From Battle
Decline challenge in barracks
Sending yen/souls to opposite race
OP from PvP battles
Second Avatar: Released Form
Moves Separated by Ranks at Equip Page
50% Seat Item Refund
Moves and Items percentage viewable.
Call Mod Button/Battle Logs

When suggesting, please elaborate what exactly your suggestion is. How does it work? What does it do? How would it benefit gameplay?

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